What Is In Amish Cleaning Tonic?

Amish Cleaning Tonic is so good at removing burnt on stains on greasy pots, pans, cooker-tops and oven doors that some consumers want to know what ingredients are in the mystery cleaning liquid.

It is supposed to be non-abrasive and non-toxic.

You just simply spray this awesome oven cleaner on your stubborn grease stains and then wipe clean.

The concentrated cleaning tonic will make up to eight standard spray bottles when mixed with water. The spray bottle is included as part of the package.

Is it safe? This is the question everyone wants the answer to! Just what kind of chemicals are in Amish Cleaning Tonic?

The only ingredient listed by Karri, the manufacturer is tetrahydrofurfuryl. This is a type of alcohol as far as I can tell that is used in other cleaning products. No other ingredients are listed.

Also other chemicals that are in Amish Cleaning Tonic do not mix well with your skin or eyes. Please be careful when spraying and wear protective gloves.