Spring Cleaning Tips & Ideas

As the cold winter months trickle away into nothingness, the allure of spring starts to peek around the corner.

For homeowners, this is a signal to start rolling up your sleeves and planning your strategy for tackling the upcoming spring cleaning marathon. Did you know that over half of Americans actually dread spring cleaning more than taxes?

I’m going to share with you a comprehensive list of tips, ideas and techniques that’ll help you to prepare your home for the upcoming months of cleanliness.

I’ve also included this handy downloadable, printable, checklist so you don’t miss anything along the way.

Printable download of the Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist courtesy of IDreamOfClean.net.

Window Cleaning

See Through Your Windows Again

Let’s begin with the windows (exterior and interior).

You want to time this perfectly to ensure the windows sparkle for a long time to come. Here are a set of tips you can follow while looking to work on the windows and get them ready for the warmer months.

1) Don’t Wash On A Sunny Day (Causes Streaks)
2) Don’t Wash On A Rainy Day
3) Choose To Wash On A Cloudy Day (Optimal for Cleaning Windows)
4) Homemade Window Cleaning Solution: Rubbing Alcohol (1 Pint), Sudsy Ammonia (1/2 Cup), Water (1 Gallon), and Dishwashing Liquid (1 Tsp.)

Please note, this is going to require patience, and it’s essential to have a clean rag while using the solution. An old cloth might cause streaking or cause damage if small stones are trapped inside the fibers. It’s highly recommended to go out and purchase a new, soft-touch rag for the task.

It will clean the windows and ensure things work out as intended.

Washing your windows should be done with patience, and if possible, a good pressure washer can help optimize the situation. This is optional but a good option to have up your sleeve nonetheless.

Carpet Deep Cleaning

Deep Clean Your Carpets

Yes, the carpets are going to play an incredible role in any spring cleaning routine.

The goal is to deep-clean your carpets and have them looking brand-new again. The colder months tend to drag in a lot of debris, and since more time is spent indoors, carpeting takes a pounding. Instead of running a vacuum over the surface, it’s best to initiate a deep cleaning.

1) Use a Deep Cleaner
2) Prepare Cleaning Solution for Carpets
3) Don’t Rush Deep Cleaning
4) Start by Vacuuming Top Surface of Carpet
5) Use Deep Cleaner To Finish Task

Please remember, vacuum cleaners are just a part of the process but do have a role to play. Your deep cleaner isn’t going to work as well if the vacuuming isn’t done. It’s best to take your time every step of the way and assess how the carpet is responding.

If there are stains present, you want to target them and make sure things are done the right way. If you leave them alone or do the bare minimum, they will not go away, and it will be a wasted effort. Spring cleaning has to be done correctly, and that includes how you target the carpets.

Cleaning Picture Frames

Dust Off Minor Surfaces

There are specific surfaces around the house, which get overlooked from time to time.

It’s best to use spring cleaning as a way to clean them and know you have to get them back into shape. The same applies to those who are noticing cracks or chips in these areas.

Areas to target:

1) Baseboards
2) Door Frames
3) Door Handles
4) Walls
5) Cabinets

These are areas everyone should be taking a look at as soon as possible. If you ignore these areas, it will stand out like a sore thumb. It’s never appealing to let that happen!

Dust & Polish Furniture

It’s time to move onto another critical part of your spring cleaning routine.

The furniture is going to be put to use during the year and especially in the colder months when you’re indoors more. Due to this, it’s best to assess your furniture and then work on cleaning it rigorously. You are going to do this with a proper plan.

1) Use Suede Brush for Leather Furniture (Brush To Remove Debris)
2) Vacuum Surface of Furniture
3) Create Homemade Polish or Purchase From Store (For Wood Furniture)
4) Homemade Polish: Lemon Juice (1/2 Cup) and Olive Oil (1/2 Tsp.)

The goal is to get the furniture back into shape, so it looks like you want it to.

Another tip to keep in mind when it comes to furniture is what’s going on underneath. A lot of homeowners forget there is a lot of debris, which tends to collect under the furniture. For example, your sofa might have a lot of dirt, dust, and other things rolled up underneath.

Move the furniture away and vacuum under the surface.

This can be done when you are cleaning the carpets or when you’re working on the furniture itself. This is up to you, and it’s best to keep an eye out for any dust mites that are present.

Dusting Light Fittings

Light Fixtures Attract Cobwebs

What about the light fixtures on your property?

There are many light fixtures a homeowner will overlook during the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s best to ignore them now. Spring Cleaning is the best time to work on the light fixtures by changing bulbs and cleaning them. You can have them prepped for another year.

These include:

1) Lamps
2) Ceiling Lights
3) Chandeliers

Take a look at them and make sure to use a cleaning solution to remove debris. In some cases, you will need to go out and find an extendable duster for the task. A bit of vinegar and olive oil will suffice when you are working on cleaning the light fixtures one by one.

Getting Organised For Spring Cleaning

Organize Your Clutter

Most homes will have a ton of clutter in every room, and it can be a ghastly sight!

You want to organize the clutter and make sure it is as you want it to be. How are you going to go about this? There are a few things to keep in mind as you look to organize everything.

1) Set Up Containers (Marked) To Group Clutter
2) Don’t Be Afraid To Create Donation Bag For Items You Don’t Need
3) Put Away Items Into Their Rightful Place
4) Adjust and Refresh Items In Each Room
5) Clean Clothes and Organize Wardrobe

When you are organizing, it’s best to recognize how you are going to use the cluttered items. In some cases, it may be better to put the items in a new room where they’re going to be used more often. Plus, if you prepare containers, you will find it easier to stay organized for the coming months.

It’s better this way rather than having to clean up all the time!

Winter Clothing

Remove & Store Winter Items

Yes, there are many winter-related items you’re going to have around the house. These tend to come out naturally as you need them when the temperature drops. However, as spring rolls around, you’re not going to need these items and might toss them aside.

Instead, you should be looking to put them aside for next winter.

1) Blankets
2) Gloves/Mittens/Boots
3) Winter Coats/Jackets
4) Snowblowers/Shovels/Salt/Scrapers

There are many “winter items” a person may have, and it’s best to assess what you’ll need in the upcoming months. If you don’t need an item, put it away in a separate container for next winter. This keeps things organized, and your house opens up for spring-related items.

Safety Checks Around The Home

Run Maintenance & Safety Checks

Please run safety checks during this time because spring cleaning is an excellent time to see what’s working.

1) Check Alarm Functionality and Replace Batteries
2) Check Carbon Monoxide Detector
3) Check Electrical Connections
4) Check Safety Standards Around House

These are details you have to look into as soon as you get started. Safety checks are essential because many homeowners take them for granted. You want to do this as quickly as possible instead of leaving it for another day.

Spring Cleaning Your Gutters

Powerwash Your Gutters

The winter months are tough on your gutters because ice freezes over as the temperature drops.

You want to take a look at if there is debris in the gutters or if repairs are required. Getting them done in advance will save you a lot of trouble down the road.

1) Use Power Wash or Vacuum (Leaves/Larger Debris)
2) Climb Up and Assess in Detail

Cleaning Your Sliding Door Tracks For Spring

Clean Out Door Tracks

Do you have a door leading out into the yard or patio?

Most homes do, and it’s important to take care of the door tracks as soon as possible. If not, the door tracks might break down or cause screeching due to winter-related damage. In places where it snows a lot, the door tracks take a beating because ice freezes inside.

When the ice freezes, it starts to solidify on the door tracks and damages everything.

The best solution is to go ahead and clean it rigorously. How do you go about doing this the right way?

1) Prepare Cleaning Solution
2) Use Old Toothbrush (Easier for Tight Spots)
3) Make Sure To Target Loose Debris
4) Use Vacuum To Clean Up Remaining Debris
5) Rub Track With a Wet Sponge

These tips should ensure the door tracks are good to go as you start heading outside more in the warmer months.

Painting The Exterior Of Your Home

Try A Fresh Lick Of Paint

It’s the exterior paint, which can be hit hard when it comes to the winter months.

You should be looking to assess the exterior’s paint quality and give it a touch-up. In general, you should be looking to re-paint the surface every ten years.

These are the most critical tips for spring cleaning and are going to bring your house back to life for the warmer months.

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