Shark Navigator Lift-Away Pro Review

Shark Navigator Lift Away Professional NV356e WorkhorseMaybe the Shark Navigator NV356E as seen on TV is such a best seller because it offers amazing value for money.

I’m sure you’ll agree, one of the worst chores around the house is keeping your floors clean.

As your family and friends walk on them, they leave behind bits of dirt they picked up elsewhere.

It’s a never-ending task to keep all of that mess cleaned up. Anything that promises to make the job easier deserves a closer look.

The Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro NV356e is one of the first Navigator models from Shark and is a real workhorse.

No other vacuum cleaner has probably stood the test of time the way the NV356e has. Is it any wonder it has nearly 10,000 customer reviews on Amazon and is one of their best selling Shark vacuum cleaners?

No way! This machine is a real workhorse with a big dust container. It works best in high traffic areas where it can just suck up as much dust and dirt and it wants.

Will theĀ Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E upright vacuum cleaner make your carpet cleaning chores easier? Let’s find out in my comprehensive review.

What’s So Special About This Shark Navigator?

The Lift-Away Professional NV356e is a high performance 1100 Watts upright vacuum that is as well suited for hard floors as it is for carpets.

The cyclonic design with ‘no lose’ suction, means that the dirt and dust picked up are kept in constant motion instead of being thrown directly into a filter.

As the filter has less dirt clogging it, the suction stays constant without lose from empty to full.

The extra large dust cup is completely sealed so the only escape for the air sucked in is through the HEPA filter. This ensures that 99.9% of the dirt stays in the vacuum along with nearly all allergens, making it one of the best cleaners around for pet hair.

The section with the dust cup and filter also lifts away from the floor unit giving you a lightweight vacuum perfect for stairs and upholstery.

Features and Benefits

  • The Navigator uses a cyclonic design (similar to Dyson, but costs less) and an 1100 watt motor to reduce loss of suction due to clogged filters allowing the last section you vacuum to be as clean as the first.
  • By completely sealing the dust compartment and using a HEPA filter, you are guaranteed that the dust and other debris, such as pet dander, you vacuum off the floor isn’t just spewed into the air and environmental allergens are reduced by up to 99.9%.
  • The extra large dust cup means you can get more done quicker with fewer stops to empty.
  • The lift away canister makes it easy to vacuum your stairs, the upholstery on your furniture, and even your car interior.
  • The swivel steering makes it easy to get as close as possible to any obstacles as you vacuum, giving you a better cleaning.

Customer Reviews

The customers who chose to leave reviews were very positive about their experiences. A full 70% gave it five stars while over 86% rated it at least four stars. The performance was often compared to a Dyson but at a third of the price.

Pros Of The NV356e

There are many praises for the Navigator in the reviews. It has excellent suction that doesn’t drop off as the dirt cup fills.

Many reviewers were amazed at how much dirt it removed from floors they thought were clean. Some complained about how often they had to empty the dust cup but that is another sign of how much more dirt this vacuum picks up compared to their old one.

The cup has a nice large opening so it is easy to empty without having to reach in and pull out clumps of nasty hairballs and dirt.

The power cord is a long 30 feet so you don’t have to change outlets over and over to get the job done and the hose stretches to a whopping 8.5 feet.

The suction from the 1100 watt motor is adjustable to allow you to vacuum area rugs without pulling them up off the floor. The beater brush can be turned on or off so you don’t have to worry about scratched hard floors or burned carpet while using the hose.

The vacuum is lightweight at about 14 pounds so your cleaning chores are less tiring. The lift away part weighs approximately 8 pounds so doing your stairs or furniture is less of a chore. The filters can be removed, rinsed out, and air dried to keep the performance at peak levels.

Cons Of This Shark Navigator

Hose too short: There are several complaints about this model. The hose is considered by many to be too short. Is 8.5 feet really too short? This makes some cleaning chores unnecessarily hard.

Falls over easily: The vacuum is easily tipped over with the slightest pull on the hose which makes it necessary to keep a hand on it to steady it as you use the hose. This is easily overcome by using the lift-away part. It’s lightweight at only 8 pounds and allows you the flexibility to get the job done quickly and easily.

No onboard storage: Most of the attachments have no onboard storage so you have to have someplace to keep them. This isn’t a deal breaker but it is less convenient when you need an attachment for a specific job and have to go hunt it down. On the plus side, storing the attachments and accessories elsewhere makes the machine lighter and more maneuverable.

Poor edge cleaning: The Navigator NV356e was less than thorough cleaning edges. This is an area that very few vacuums do well and this one is no exception. For the best detailed cleaning of edges, the hose and a crevice tool are still needed. If this is a deal breaker for you, try the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete. It’s great at edges.

No Headlight: The lack of a light was also singled out for negative comment. This is almost certainly a personal preference and if a light is most important to you, you could try one of the Rotator range.

The most important complaint I found has to do with Shark’s customer service. The reviewers seemed to agree that there has been much improvement in this area but Shark still doesn’t have a reputation for taking care of their customers. I hope that the improvement seen so far indicates a trend so I can recommend their products as strongly as their price to performance ratio deserves.

What’s In The Box Video?

Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro NV356e Conclusion

At the beginning, I said we would be looking at whether the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright would make your floor cleaning chores easier. With the top performing suction power and the ease of use, the Navigator NV356e will definitely give you cleaner floors in less time and with less work and for less money than a similar rated machine.

This appliance is our top rated Shark Navigator at Mila Kunst.

By picking up more in each pass than the competition because of it’s powerful suction, you have to go over the same spots fewer times to get the same or better results.

The reputation of the customer service department does prevent me from giving my highest recommendation but is discounted some by the overwhelmingly positive reviews and reliability.

When you have 86% of reviewers giving it four or five stars either the rep for bad customer service is over blown or very few of their products require the customer to contact customer service.

Either way, you win by getting the performance of a Dyson machine at a third of the price. This is a great deal that will keep your floors extra clean for a long time.