Does The Magnetic Laundry System Work?

In our modern society we are surrounded by chemicals. They are in our homes, on our clothes, in our workplaces and we are all affected by them on a daily basis.

Like many people, you might be allergic to some of these chemicals when they come into contact with your skin through your clothes or while you’re cleaning your home.

There are many products and solutions available that claim to be able to help people like us avoid these allergic reactions to cleaning chemicals and the Magnetic Laundry System is one of them.

Does the Magnetic Laundry System work?

I’ve done a lot of research on reducing chemical contamination on clothing due to my own allergies and have tried the MLS method myself so I think I can help you decide for yourself if it does.

Everything I’ve discovered about the Water Liberty Magnetic Laundry System is contained in this review below.

What Is The Magnetic Laundry System (MLS)?

Magnetic Laundry System by Water LibertyThe Magnetic Laundry System is a proven and patented non-toxic alternative to using chemical based detergent for washing your clothes.

It was created by Water Liberty and the concept behind the product is that you can use magnets in your washing machine to achieve similar cleaning results to detergent without the use of petrochemicals and other nasty toxins.

The magnets are hard-wearing and will last you for years. They are backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Water Liberty.

How Does It Work?

Whenever you do your laundry, the most important part of the process is using water. People have always used water to clean their clothes, even before soaps and detergents existed.

When you add detergent to your wash, it changes the surface tension of the water and its molecules using a process called chemical saponification to make it more effective at removing dirt and grime from your soiled clothes.

By changing the structure of the water molecules, they become more slippery and spaced out allowing them to better penetrate your laundry items. This is how they get cleaned.

The magnets in the MLS do exactly the same thing. Water molecules already contain a negative and positive charge by default and when you add magnets to your wash, they interact with the water molecules and cause them to behave in the same way detergents and soaps do.

So you get your clothes cleaned in exactly the same way, without the chemicals, which is better for your health and safer for the environment.

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What Results Did I Achieve?

I start using the Magnetic Laundry System because I was allergic to laundry detergent. My back and arms would get really itchy every time I put on a fresh shirt straight from the wash. I soon realized that it was the detergent causing the itching and it only started when I turned 50.

I even tried non-bio and allergy friendly, natural, detergent but it didn’t stop the reactions.

That’s when I discovered the magnets. After talking about my allergy on various forums, someone recommended the Magnetic Laundry System by Water Liberty.

Long story short, I tried them and no more itchy rashes. I still don’t know what chemical I’m allergic to, but it doesn’t matter because I wash everything using the magnets now.

What Can You Expect From The Laundry Magnets?

Safe to use: The easy to use magnets from Water Liberty will give you a detergent-free, chemical-free, safe method for doing your laundry which is economical, environmentally friendly and great for people with allergies.

Can also help with MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) as petrochemicals from detergent won’t be absorbed or breathed in from contaminated clothing whilst wearing.

Patented and Proven: The MLS non-detergent technology has two United States Patents and is totally different from other more common laundry or washer ball products. It is has been proven to clean as well as chemical detergents by independent laboratory testing so it’s the real deal!

Easy to use: The MLS laundry magnets work in any type of washing machine (top and front loaders). As they are magnetic, they will stick to metal drums to stop them knocking about in the wash cycle. If your drum is plastic, just slip them inside a sock or pocket for best use.

As the MLS units only replace laundry detergent, you can still use bleaches, fabric softeners or spot remover sprays if you so wish.

Cost saving: You don’t need to spend anymore money on detergent saving you up to $350 per year. You’ll also save money on water and electricity bills as you don’t need to use the rinse cycle on your washing machine anymore saving you time as well. No soap means no rinsing.

Magnetic Laundry System Overview

What Do Real Customers Say About MLS?

As you can see from Rhoda’s testimonial that she posted on, she had a similar problem to myself. She was allergic to laundry detergent. Using the magnets in her washing machine stopped her from having a horrible red rash all over her legs. Also, like me, she tried the perfume free powder and it still didn’t help her either. She is a big fan of using the magnets in her wash now and hasn’t looked back.

Another happy customer was Katherine Hoover. She remarked that the clothes smelled clean and weren’t so stiff after washing.