How To Keep Your Dog Friendly Home Clean & Fresh!

Having a dog in the house is a big responsibility, sometimes as big as living with small children or a really, really, filthy roommate.

The endgame is the same: you get company, but sometimes, you have to keep cleaning up after them and make sure they don’t destroy anything in the house, because you know better (well, roommates should know better too, but some people are just irresponsible even when they’re perfectly lovely otherwise).

Taking care of your house when you have pets can seem difficult at first, but it’s actually quite easy (and can be even fun) if you know the right things to do. Follow our tips, and your house will never smell like pets again!

1. Mask the dog smell in your house

The best way to mask the dog smell (or any pet smell, really) in your house would be candles or sprays. You can buy scented candles anywhere, as well as sprays, but those two easy solutions can do more harm than good sometimes, especially if you or your dog are allergic to some of the content in these commercial products.

But, don’t freak out yet. If you cannot use this solution, we have easier, DIY solutions to still get rid of the smell without needing an Epipen every time you want your house to smell more like roses and less like a stable.

You can use soy candles or beeswax to freshen the air in your house, but make sure to keep them far enough from your dog that he can’t knock them over and burn the whole thing down.

Another solution is mixing a dew drops of essential oil with water and using is as a spray. Not only is it natural, some essential oils (such as lavender, for example) also have relaxing properties.

You can also use simmering spices. Boil some water, then let it simmer, and add nice-smelling spices such as orange, clove, or cinnamon. Let it simmer, and your house will definitely start smelling more like a spa and less like a nest.

2. Don’t forget about brush and bath time

As for humans everywhere (well, at least, I hope so), bath time is important to keep your dog healthy and clean. If you want to keep your home from smelling too much like your dog, regular baths are, obviously, a given.

A lot of dogs, especially breeds that shed a lot, have to be bathed at least once a week. Though, be careful during the winter, as too much bathing can cause dry skin and strip your dog from essential oils that he actually needs for his skin and coat to stay healthy.

And, most importantly, don’t forget about regular brushing. Dogs’ coats usually get dirty easily, which is why you should always brush it.

Not only does this minimize shedding (which means spending less time picking up dog hair everywhere around the house), it also keeps your best friend’s coat and skin healthy.

3. Think about purchasing the right tools

You don’t need to acquire fancy cleaning tools, instead, basic ones are enough to do the job. Especially when dealing with your dog’s fur, a good pet broom is a must, since it’s more effective when it comes to cleaning your floor than a regular broom.

Another must-have tool for dog owners (and pet owners in general, really) is a lint roller. It is one of the best, and cheapest, ways to get rid of dog hair, not only in the house, but also on your clothes.

And, if you want to know more about great dog hair removal tools, check out this article.

4. Dog proof your furniture

If you have wooden furniture that your dog keeps ruining, the best thing to do is to spray it with lemon water or vinegar.

Unlike us, dogs don’t enjoy the taste or smell of lemon, so that’s going to keep your best friend away from whatever wooden furniture you have.

If your dog has a favorite spot where he hangs out all the time, and that spot happens to be the sofa (as it does, because dogs really like to chill with you, and you probably chill on your sofa), you can dog proof it by putting an old towel or a pet blanket on it.

This will keep your sofa (or wherever is your dog’s favorite spot) cleaner and free of dog hair.

5. Use a towel for your dog

Instead of letting your dog dry up by shaking himself all over the bathroom or the house, try instead using a towel.

You can buy special towels for pets online or in pet shops, or you can just use a normal towel. Pat your best friend down with it every time you give him a bath.

Not only will it help him dry faster, it will also help avoid having that infamous wet dog smell around the house.

6. Keep the dog food hidden

Instead of keeping your dog food in its container where your furry best friend can see it and recognize it, keep it in small storage containers instead.

This makes it easier for you to declutter your house, and also to hide the food from an overly curious pooch.

7. Wash your dog’s bed regularly

Just as you wash your bedding every week, your dog’s bed has to be washed, sometimes more regularly than yours. Dogs get filthy, they go out and play in the mud (because, you know, they’re animals), and come back homes bringing in all kinds of bacteria, and sometimes, even small animals (such as ticks).

So, don’t be lazy when it comes to washing your dog’s bed. It’s going to help keep sickness away and make your house smell fresher.

8. Have a special place for your dog’s toys

If you are like me (the proud owner of the cutest, friendliest, best Boxador in the world), then you probably pamper your dog a lot and buy him everything he wants (or everything you think he wants).

After a while, dogs’ toys can and will become a hassle, and will create horrible clutter in your house. So, make sure to always have a special place (such as a basket) where you arrange all your best friend’s toys when he’s not using them.

And, if you see that your dog is not using some of them, it won’t hurt to donate them to shelters or friends with dogs.

9. Take care of your carpet

Sometimes, dogs get sick, and might vomit in the house. Since vomit is highly acidic, you have to make sure to clean it up right away.

The best way would be to clean your carpet using a professional detergent and rinse it with hot water.

10. Clean your dog’s dishes

Just like you would clean your own, your furry best friend’s dishes should be cleaned regularly. These things can get really gross, and they are the perfect home for harmful bacteria.

Clean your dog’s dishes every single day using regular dish soap, and make sure to also wipe around the area where he eats, because that can get filthy as well.

As long as you do that, your house will always smell as good as new (well, not really, but at least, it won’t smell like a zoo).

11. Wipe your dog’s paws each time before entering your house

And that is especially important to do when it’s rainy outside, since it can get quite muddy. A dog going around the house with filthy paws will make a mess very quickly.

Either put an old carpet or towel in front of the door and use it to wipe your four-legged best friend’s paws, or, if you have a garden, let your dog wipe his paws on the grass first.

12. Use the vacuum, regularly

Vacuuming is still the best way to get rid of your pet’s fur. Because of shedding, your dog’s hair will be everywhere, and no matter how much you clean behind him, there will still be some left.

So, make sure to vacuum at least twice or three times a week, and not just the floor. Sofas can be vacuumed as well (just use a special vacuum not to ruin the fabric), so, get a great vacuum that you know will last you a while (quality is always pricey, but a good vacuum is a long-term investment) and clean those floors, buddy!

13. Finally, choose your furniture’s material carefully

Not all materials are equal, as much as we like to think so. Some just attract dog hair like sugar attracts bees, so be sure to choose the right material for your furniture.

Leather, fake leather, and microfiber are a good choice, since they can easily be wiped and cleaned off, without too much effort. Try to avoid wood as much as you can, since most dogs end up chewing on it, which, of course, ruins the furniture.

Fabrics such as velour and velvet are a no-no as well, since they cannot be cleaned easily. All in all, choose something simple that will not take too much effort to clean.

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