How Well Does The Dyson DC33 Vacuum Cleaner Perform Compared To The DC65?

Dyson-DC33-Multi-Floor-VacuumThe Dyson DC33 Multi Floor vacuum cleaner is very powerful and is great on carpets.

In a nut shell it has ‘no-lose’ suction, a superb filtering system for allergy suffers and cleans right to the edge of its full-width cleaning head.

The downside is that its large and expensive compared to other models and doesn’t cope well with animal hairs or debris on hard floors.

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As you may already know, Dyson is one of the leading manufacturers of vacuum cleaners.

Their long line-up of products caters to all kinds of buyers, including those looking for a domestic vacuum cleaner.

This review of the DC33 will go through the many useful features to expect from this vacuum cleaner as well as some additional important pointers to keep in mind before purchasing.

I will also compare it to the newer DC65 and tell you why I would pay the extra $100 and get it instead.

Excellent Suction Powered by Root Cyclone Technology

Dyson-Root-Cyclone-TechnologyUnlike other brands I’ve reviewed, the DC33 unit from Dyson delivers better cleaning performance since it does not lose suction power and maintains excellent airflow thanks to the patented Root Cyclone Technology.

In most cases, ordinary vacuum cleaners trap dust and dirt in bags.

When a vacuum cleaner sucks dust, some amount of air leaves through the tiny holes on the dirt bags.

With time, however, the pores clog up with particles of dust, which in turn restricts the flow of air thus causing the machine to lose suction power.

Dyson’s DC33 bagless vacuum cleaner, however, never loses suction power since it operates using the Root Cyclone Technology.

This cleverly designed suction system does not rely on dirt bags. Instead, it has a dirt collection bin.

The DC33 Multi Floor spins air in a spiral-like or cyclone pattern to generate centrifugal forces that exceed gravity by several thousand times. As a result, dust particles, pet hair, and other forms of dirt fly out of airflow straight into the bin without compromising suction power.

The Dyson DC33 Provides Excellent Ease of Use

The following features make this vacuum cleaner easy to use.

  • Clear bin
  • Telescope reach wand
  • Click-fit attachments and operation

Using the Dyson upright bagless DC33 eliminates the guesswork of knowing when to empty the bin.

You’ll always know when the dirt bin requires emptying since it’s transparent. The ease of use that this vacuum cleaner provides also does not end here.

To make your cleaning life easier, the machine comes with a 14.4-foot telescope wand that you can click onto the hose with ease.

The wand makes it easy to clean those hard to reach corners and other places. In addition, it’s convenient to use along with the canister’s carry handle when vacuuming stairs.

Designed with the User’s Health in Mind

DC33-On-Carpet-And-Hard-FloorDyson’s DC33 vacuum cleaner offers a couple of features that protect your health.

These include the hygienic emptying technique and HEPA Filtration System.

The hygienic emptying technique is activated through a red click switch at the side, and once it’s pressed, you’ll be able to empty the bin without having to expose yourself to dirt sucked up from floors.

The HEPA filter then traps miniature particles of dust that are as small as 0.5 microns or 1/5,000 times the size of a pinhead.

This filtration ability rids your home of microscopic dirt like dust mites, pollen, and mold spores, which are all known to cause allergic reactions.

Cost Saving Compared To Other Brands

The Dyson upright bagless vacuum cleaner provides good value for your money since it features a durable design, requires no replaceable accessories, and comes with a washable HEPA filter.

The rugged polycarbonate material used in the design holds up well to bumps, bashes, and the daily vigorous uses that vacuum cleaners go through.

Dyson makes sure to test the build quality of all vacuum cleaners rigorously before putting them on the market.

Assuming that proper care and maintenance guidelines are followed to the letter, you’ll not have to replace your machine every so often since the DC33 has a long lifespan and 5 year warranty.

In addition, you’ll not spend more money buying additional accessories like dirt bags and filters since this model uses no dust bags and comes with washable HEPA filters.


The Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner comes with the following accessories.

  • One stair tool
  • One combination accessory tool
  • A quick start guide
  • One operating manual
  • A product registration card

Pros Of The Dyson DC33

  • Root Cyclone Technology maintains powerful suction at all times
  • This multi-floor vacuum cleaner is perfect for vacuuming hard surfaces and area rugs
  • Washable HEPA filters and reusable dirt bin reduce the cost of owning the DC33
  • HEPA filters expel clean air after capturing microscopic dirt and allergens
  • Features a tough and durable construction
  • Canister carry handle, telescopic reach wand and see-through dirt bin make this vacuum cleaner easy to use
  • Fairly lightweight for its size and easy to carry up stairs
  • Comes with a 0.61 gal bin, which can collect more dirt than most other vacuum cleaners in the DC series
  • The long 35ft cord provides more range of motion when using the vacuum cleaner
  • The components underneath the cleaning path do not scratch hardwood floors when maneuvering around obstacles

Things You Should Know Before Buying

Unlike other models from the DC line of products, the DC33 lacks the self-adjusting cleaner head technology. Instead, it operates with a clutch controlled brush bar.

On the plus side, the manual cleaner head is easy to adjust. It’s also larger than most, does not contain the easy maneuver ball, and isn’t as good at removing pet hairs.

Consumer Ratings

With more than six hundred reviews on Amazon, the Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner is indeed a popular appliance.

The general consensus amongst buyers is that this machine offers good value for the price.

While there are some buyers who were not entirely satisfied with their purchase, most of the few complaints regarding this vacuum cleaner are minor issues.

Overall, the DC33 Upright Bagless vacuum cleaner from Dyson has made many buyers happy because of its excellent engineering, suction power and ease of use.


The DC33 Dyson is an upright vacuum cleaner that will allow you to clean all kinds of surfaces with minimal fuss.

This multi-floor upright unit is worth every penny considering the many benefits you’re getting in return for the asking price.

Apart from being very easy to use, you can save money with the reusable bin and washable HEPA filters that come with the unit.

The carry handle and transparent bin make the vacuum cleaner very convenient to use.

What’s more, this home cleaning appliance comes with a manufacturer warranty and features a durable construction that will give you years of dependable cleaning.