Top Rated Vacuum For Cat Litter 2018

Last Updated: 24th June 2018
Shark NV752 - Best Vacuum For Cat LitterCleaning up litter is one of the most annoying parts of being a cat owner.

Nobody wants to pick up or even sweep the litter of their cat once it is scattered all over the floor.

The mere idea is just gross due to its being unsanitary, stinky, and just downright awkward.

Some people have even asked me, can you vacuum cat litter? Well, the answer is yes!

If you want a hassle free way to clean up after your kitty, your best bet has got to be the Shark NV752 pet vacuum cleaner (click here to check its superb reviews).

The Shark pet vacuum is the perfect option for someone who’s looking to clean up their cat’s litter from the floor but not get their hands dirty.

You are guaranteed to have hassle free cleaning with this 2-in-1 pet vacuum and I’ve created this in-depth guide to show you which vacuum is best for picking up kitty litter and hair!

Buying a vacuum cleaner may not seem that hard as most models these days seem to look the same to the untrained eye.

A smart buyer such as yourself knows how important it is that one researches and finds out what is the best version of the product that you wish to purchase.

5 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Cat Litter 2018

  1. Shark Rotator TruePet NV752
  2. Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac HV292
  3. Bissell 1831 CleanView Upright
  4. Black & Decker HHVJ325BMP07 SmarTech Pet
  5. Oreck BB1200DB Compact Canister

Choosing The Best Vacuum For Cat Litter

Not all vacuums are created equally due to the fact that there are several specialized features that different manufacturers such as Shark, Dyson, Bissell, Miele & Hoover etc., have incorporated into their vacuums. It is most important that you are aware of the features that you want and need before you get yourself a vacuum.

Since we’re looking for the best vacuum for cat litter, I have narrowed down my search to the absolute top rated vac on the market for dealing with pet dander. The Shark vacuum cleaner that I’ve chosen comes with features such as the mini motorized pet tool that make it perfect for cleaning up the messes of your cat!

I’ve chosen the Shark NV752 Powered Lift-Away TruePet below based on a large number of consumer reports and professional reviews. The canister can also be separated or lifted away from the upright section which also makes it the┬ábest handheld vacuum for cat litter as well.

Shark TruePet NV752 Overview

This wonderful vacuum was specially created by Shark to clean your cat’s litter with ease and zero hassle whatsoever. The features that were incorporated into this cat litter vacuum make it tailor made to suit the needs of all small pet owners out there!

Any cat owner would love to get their hands on this amazing vacuum as it comes with a mini motorized brush feature that allows you to extract dust, debris, hairs, litter, and allergens from your floor, upholstery, pillows, and carpets with ease!

You’ll be glad to know that this vacuum isn’t only great for cleaning pet litter as it works in three different modes that make it perfect for cleaning almost anything, anywhere in your home.

The NV752 TruePet’s most basic function is its upright mode which lets it operate like a typical conventional vacuum cleaner. This mode is perfect for cleaning floors!

Cleaning hard-to-reach places such as below couches and beds is also incredibly easy with this vacuum thanks to the powered lift-away mode that this vacuum boasts. This mode allows you to easily extend the reach of the head of this cleaner to reach almost any space possible in your home.

Aside from being able to clean hard-to-reach places, this vacuum also comes with an above-floor mode that is perfect if you are looking to clean stairways.

You are guaranteed to be able to reach every single spot of your house with this amazing product! No matter where your pet goes, I guarantee that you’ll be able to go there with this Shark Lift-Away as well!

Another great feature that this pet vac comes with is the LED lights that are attached to the vacuum’s motor head. The LED lights allow you to navigate dark corners without a hassle. Shark has made sure that there will be no excuse to leave a spot in your home unclean with this amazing vacuum cleaner!

Controlling this NV752 is a breeze thanks to the fingertip controls that are conveniently located on the vacuum’s handle. Anyone and everyone is guaranteed to be able to operate this machine. It does not matter whether you’re tech savvy or not as it was designed and built for people of all ages!

Priced at around $299.99, this vacuum may seem a little bit pricey at first glance but don’t let the price bewilder you. I guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth when you don’t have to pick you your cat’s spilt litter by hand!

Mila’s Conclusion

We all know that cleaning cat litter is part of being a pet owner. The act of cleaning litter is unavoidable and it is akin to changing the diaper of a baby. You may not want to do it but sooner or later, I guarantee that you’ll have to do it eventually.

Being equipped with the best pet vacuum cleaner to do the job is the way to go if you’re looking to not get your hands dirty at all when cleaning your cat’s litter.

I recommend that you get the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet as soon as possible. It will make your life so much easier and really is the best vacuum for kitty litter!