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Last Updated: 28th January 2019

If you have a large area of carpet to clean, choosing a vacuum cleaner that is self propelled will make your job both faster and easier.

Pushing a normal canister or upright cleaner across your carpet can be a real drain on your energy. If you find vacuuming to be a real slog, then you are less likely to want to do it.

A lightweight self propelled vacuum can help you make cleaning a pleasure instead of a chore if you find it difficult to maneuver your machine.

Recently, Dorothy Gallup from Long Island City, NY got in touch with me and wanted to know what the best self propelled bagless vacuum cleaner was.

She told me she had been through my website and couldn’t find any mention of self propelled vacuums.

I promised her I would find out and reply to her email ASAP. Here is what I discovered.

Top 2 Self Propelled Vacuum Reviews

In my opinion, the best self propelled vacuum cleaner is any model of the Kirby range. (They aren’t bagless though).

Although not in my top 2 because they are very expensive to buy and not easily available, they are brilliant cleaners with many advantages which include suction power, allergy filtering and build quality (They come with a 30 year warranty).

They also have a few major disadvantages which outweigh their advantages in most household situations.  They are very heavy and very noisy.

Like I mentioned before, it is also quite hard to buy one new as they are usually only sold by Kirby reps and not available in the usual stores such as Sears, Walmart or Amazon.

You may, however, be able to pick up a good second hand one on eBay for a few hundred dollars if you fancy one.

So, here are my top 2 self propelled vacuum cleaners that you can buy today at an affordable, cheap, price. Unfortunately, neither of them are cordless.

(#2) Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 Gold

Powerful 1200 watt motor that never loses suction and washable filters allowing you to clean consistently from start to finish.

Self propelled feel (not actually self propelled) and lightweight at only 15 pounds and easy to maneuver around furniture and stairs with it’s Swivel steering, 25 foot power cord and 12 foot extendable hose.

Clean the whole house in one go without having to empty the extra large, 1 quart, dust cup which is bigger than most other bagless vacuums and easily empties from the bottom. No bags required.

Can you used on hardwood flooring and deep pile carpet with confidence by switching of the Brushroll.

Comes complete with an owners manual and  full range of premium pet tools which include a motorized floor brush, cleaning wand, pet hair power brush, small crevice tool and dusting brush.

5 Year Shark warranty for complete peace of mind that your new purchase will last.

This is only Shark self propelled feeling vacuum cleaner that I know of that is both bagless and lightweight. It can be used efficiently across all carpets and hard floors and is pet friendly.

(#1 Best) Hoover Anniversary WindTunnel

This Hoover WindTunnel self propelled vacuum makes moving around the floor, whether forward or reverse, almost effortless. You just steer and let your Hoover do the work.

Incorporates a powerful 12 amp motor with the patented Hoover WindTunnel technology that provides powerful deep cleaning to your carpets and upholstery while easily removing surface dust and debris.

Hardwood floor and tile friendly with the motorized brushroll shutoff feature. Also comes with a headlight for dark corners and under furniture, soft touch bumper to protect objects around your room and cleans right to the edges using side brushes.

Worked brilliantly over carpet and rugs with it’s 3 position height adjustment which is quickly adjusted for efficient cleaning.

Uses a disposable bag with helpful full indicator light which is manufactured with HEPA filtration technology that is great for allergy sufferers. Stops pollen down to 0.3 microns and traps 99.97% of dust and other allergens. Also has replaceable filters.

7 foot extendable stretch type hose for vacuuming stairs and curtains. Long 29 foot power cord and weighs approximately 20 pounds.

Comes in box with onboard tools which includes: Air Powered Hand Tool, Crevice and Upholstery Tools, 2 Wands and a Dusting Brush.

Includes 3 year Hoover warranty.

Hoover also make the model UH60010 which is a bagless version, but I recommend buying the bagged U6485900, as it’s the best Hoover self propelled vacuum cleaner.

Other Self Propelled Vacuum Cleaners

According to consumer reports, there are quite a few manufacturers claiming to produce self propelled vacuums including: Bissell, Dirt Devil, Dyson, Electrolux, iRobot, Miele, Oreck and Panasonic, but I was unable to find any of the models they produce for this review.

Here are a few other makes and models of self propelled vacuums you may hear about and want to compare, but they aren’t recommended.

  • Eureka 5181 The Boss
  • Eureka 5180AT
  • Kenmore Elite 31150 (not actually self propelled)

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