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Cleaning Tips & Hacks

I’ve got some great cleaning tips and hacks that I want to share with you that’ll make you cleaning chores much easier and faster.

You’ll discover great advice and solutions for stain removal, cleaning up pet hair, how to vacuum rugs and lots of other useful tips and techniques for cleaning that I’ve picked up over the years.

Carpet Cleaning Tips & Ideas

Carpet Cleaning

I love sharing tips and ideas for keeping your carpet clean. Whether you vacuum, steam or use a homemade stain removal recipe, I’ve love trying out new ways to keep your carpet looking fresh and brand new again. Here’s some of my favorites.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

A good vacuum cleaner is essential for the daily cleaning of carpets and hard floors around your home, especially if you have young kids or pets.

Not all vacuums are created equally and you’ll want to find the best one for your type of home. Since there are so many to choose from, I’ve created some useful guides to help you pick the best vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Commercial Cleaning Tips

Commercial Cleaning Product Reviews

If you are running your own domestic cleaning business or just want a vacuum that is more robust and going to last longer, then get some tips and advice about the best products to use for your commercial cleaning tasks.

You can find reviews on the best backpack, upright and canister vacuums that are designed for commercial use.

Carpet Cleaner Reviews

If you have carpeted areas around your home, then vacuuming alone may not be enough.

Carpets attract all sorts of dirt and stains from muddy boots to coffee spills. A carpet cleaner is great for treating these types of stains and will keep your carpets and rugs looking fresh and new with regular use.

Also they are really useful for removing pet odors or other stains your four-legged friends may leave behind.

Cleaning Up After Your Pets

Cleaning Up After Your Pets!

Pet hair and dander gets everywhere. On you carpet and upholstery, over your tiles or hardwood flooring, in your car. It evens gets all over your bed.

Basically wherever your cat or dog can get to around your home, their hairs can be found. Here’s some tips and advice for cleaning up after your pets.

Best Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaner Reviews

Make you cleaning chores easier with a high quality steam cleaner. They use a burst of hot steam to remove dirt and germs with little effort.

You can use your steam cleaner on shower enclosures, tiles, grout and tiles, etc. Some steamers can also be used on mattresses, curtains and other upholstery to deep clean and remove wrinkles.

They are great for allergy sufferers because they kill dust mites and other microscopic bugs and bacteria.

Cleaning Your Hard Floors

Taking Care Of Hard Floors

Some vacuums are better at cleaning hard floors than others. If you have a wooden or laminate floor, you don’t want a cleaner with an aggressive brush bar which may scratch the finished surface.

At the very least you want to buy a vacuum cleaner that allows you to turn off the brush bar. The best solution is to choose a model such as the Shark DuoClean or the Dyson V6 fluffy that has a soft roller for hard floors.

Here are some articles and reviews that will help you find the best solutions for your hard floor cleaning.

Clean Air Around Your Home

Enjoying Clean Air Around Your Home

The quality of the air you breathe is really important to your health. This is especially true if you’re an allergy sufferer or you share your home with a pet or smoker.

You can easily improve the air quality around your entire home by just making a few small changes to your living arrangements.

Indoor plants are great for recycling your air, while an air purifier is even better. One of the easiest changes to make to your current lifestyle, if you haven’t already, is too use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration. Nearly all modern vacs are HEPA friendly.

Garden & Outdoor Maintenance

Gardening & Outdoor Maintenance